The Functional Fitness TST™ system is designed to work with clients recovering from a broad range of injuries including:

  • Rehabilitation from stroke
  • Back injuries
  • Knee and hip injuries/replacements
  • Shoulder and neck tightness

Through the use of high grade elastic bands, tubing and springs, the Functional Fitness TST™ system stretches the muscle with resistance within a defined structure. All Functional Fitness TST™ movements are ultra-slow in order to fully engage the muscle fibres, warm the synovial fluid, and feed the joint through increased blood flow. While the muscle is being stretched with resistance it is simultaneously being contracted. Once the muscle has connected sufficiently with the defined resistance, this can cause the muscle to quiver/shake and as trainers of the Functional Fitness TST™ system, we educate clients about connecting with the muscle in this way.

The Functional Fitness TST™ system is so effective as an all-body workout that a client need only train between thirty to a maximum of ninety minutes per week.


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