Stay healthy before, during and after pregnancy

At Freestyle for Lifestyle our exercise programmes help to improve fertility and work with pregnant and postpartum clients. Staying healthy will help improve the pregancy experience. We work with people in a safe environment and have clients who have been referred from Physiotherapists/Physical Therapists.

The exercise programmes put emphasis on learning how to engage and strengthen core and improve posture as it is a fundamental aspect of a strong and efficient body.

The Functional Fitness TST™ system is so effective as an all-body workout that a client need only train between thirty to a maximum of ninety minutes per week.

“I had a wonderfully comfortable and pain-free twin pregnancy at the age of 39, and I credit the training I did with Freestyle both prior to and during my pregnancy. The work we did to strengthen my core and improve my posture was really important during the pregnancy and also aided my recovery after the birth.”


Fitness is a journey, not a destination


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