John Dillon

Freestyle CEO, TST™ Creator and Practitioner.

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I grew up in a family of International and Olympic athletes. In our house the two things that were required were training and food. My Dad was an International coach in rowing for Great Britain and Mum was a restaurateur. As a result my two passions in life are Fitness and Food.

In 2003 I suffered a life threatening injury to my leg whilst training. As a result I was left immobile, medicated and in hospital for three months. After hospital I started my rehabilitation but because of the type of injury the traditional methods were not working. I looked at other methods such Osteopathy, Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Acupuncture and Chiropody to compliment my treatment.

The two things that spurred me on was that a Physiotherapist told me I would never run again and a Doctor that advised me to get a new career as I would have to give up Personal Training.

My goal was to regain mobility in my knee and manage the pain in my foot. Because my rehabilitation was not working I set about creating a system of exercises to improve and compliment my overall wellbeing. Experimenting with elastic Thera-Bands I developed exercises for each muscle group. I soon found that I had gained strength, mobility, flexibility and managed pain relief. It also help with weight loss. This is the Total Stretch and Tone™ system ( Functional Fitness TST™).

As a result of using Functional Fitness TST™ I am still a practicing Personal Trainer and eating well.

Irmina Bejnarowicz

Fertility, Pre & Post Natal

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Involved in Fitness since 2011, I am a qualified Stott Pilates Instructor, Personal Trainer and Specialist in Exercise Therapy. At Freestyle for Lifestyle I conduct exercise programmes to improve fertility and work with pregnant clients and postpartum clients as well as people who want to improve their sport, get fit or those who want to get rid of chronic pains and aches.

I work with people in a safe environment and have clients who have been referred to me from Physiotherapists/Physical Therapists who are continuing their recovery from injury/condition with exercise.

I love being physically active every day, working within the Total Stretch & Tone™ Training system enables me to enjoy sports and activities on a regular basis which include running, cycling, swimming, mountain climbing, rock climbing and horse riding.

Throughout my career I have worked as a gym instructor, personal trainer, fitness class instructor, swimming teacher, Stott Pilates instructor. I am passionate about mindful, efficient movement and training that improves overall condition of the whole body.  In my exercise programmes I put emphasis on learning how to engage and strengthen core and improve posture as it is a fundamental aspect of a strong and efficient body.

Mervyn Young

Rehabilitation, Dynamic Stretching

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I have been working at Freestyle for lifestyle for the last four years. As a physical therapist I felt there was something missing for my clients to make a full recovery in a clinic setting. The missing piece for me was the introduction of resistance exercise to improve both flexibility and strength.

Freestyle for Lifestyle encourages better balance throughout the body without which a person will become overloaded and start to breakdown. I believe that adopting the Freestyle for Lifestyle approach will stop people running into problems around rehabilitation ensuring maximum performance and safety.

In the rehab entre environment, I have witnessed many transformations of clients who have had pretty serious degenerative knee issues, an example of one client letting me know that coming back from a city break they were able to walk unaided, having spend the break sightseeing etc.  Its an honour be in a position that I can support measurable improvements to people’s lives.

Working for Freestyle for Lifestyle combining my background in Physical Therapy and Sports and using a proven system for rehab, I can help people return to their prior level of functioning and encourage activities and lifestyle changes that can help prevent further injury and improve overall health and wellbeing.

Using resistance training through Total Stretch & Tone™ there are proven physical and mental health benefits including improved muscle strength and tone protecting joints from injury, maintaining flexibility and balance, which can help remain independent as we age, increased bone density and strength and reduced risk of injury especially if you want to go back to or continue to enjoy your chosen sport.

Taylor Lane

Strength & Conditioning

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I am a Personal Trainer and Nutritionist with Freestyle for Lifestyle. From a young age I have always loved every type of sport and exercise, particularly rugby, football and tennis. As an adult  I carried this passion with me and continue to be involved in many different sports including cycling, trail running, Muay Thai kick boxing, surfing, strength training and calisthenics. This variety of sports keeps both my body and mind healthy, happy and motivated.

During my career I became aware of how important it is to fuel our bodies correctly. This led me to earning my qualification as a Nutritionist. This combination of fitness and nutrition gives me the knowledge to help other people to achieve the best possible health and version of themselves. I get a huge amount of satisfaction from seeing people’s happiness as their physical and overall health improves. I hope to see you in Freestyle soon, so you  can experience the Functional Fitness TST™ system yourself.

Fitness is a journey, not a destination


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