Health Check and Body Scan

At Freestyle we have designed a health check and body screening service, which can be delivered on your site. This is a scientific method with medically approved equipment designed to highlight an individual’s body composition (BMI) inclusive of the body’s internal metabolic measurements. It is collated and forwarded in an anonymously visible format with suggested action plans.

The benefit of this screening supports large corporate and SME’s who are interested in the long-term health and wellbeing of their staff.  It is proven to be good for business especially around staff retention and wellbeing strategies. It also allows screening without the need for staff to take a leave of absence from their workplace.

These results and findings are available for review and storage in the company as well as each employee will receive a private print out of their stats, which will include indicators of their personal health status and compare their results against an indicator graph showing what their recommended results should be.

We are available periodically to repeat the scanning process offering advice and encouragement and allowing your employees the ability to track their positive lifestyle changes that they have actioned.

We are available to meet you onsite to deliver a 10-minute presentation which will  outline in more detail the process and you can evaluate the multitude of benefits to your employees promoting better health and wellbeing by taking encouraging simple and small lifestyle changes.

Our dedicated qualified team are committed to delivering a gold standard on-site screening service to you and your employees.

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